Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cashflow 101 Game Quick Start

1) Select a Banker for the game.
2)Place *Opportunity, The Market and Doodads cards on board.
3)Distribute a Game Card (Income Statement/Balance Sheet) to each Player.
4) Deal out one Profession Card to each Player.
5)Transfer information from Profession Card to Game Card.
6)Meet your Auditor. (Player to your right.)
7) Banker distributes cash (Monthly Cash Flow + Savings) to each Player.
Remember to erase savings from your Game Card once you receive it.
8) Choose your playing pieces; Rat, Cheese and Tokens, all of the same color.
9)Choose your “Dream” on the Fast Track by placing your Cheese piece on it.
10) Place your Rat playing piece on “Start Here” arrow on the Rat Race.
11) Roll die to see who goes first.
12) Begin playing CASHFLOW®!

• To get out of the Rat Race your Passive Income must be greater than your Total Expenses.
• To build up your Passive Income, buy assets that provide a positive cash flow.
• Read the *Opportunity, The Market and Doodads cards aloud. Every card could affect your
financial position.
• Beware of Bankruptcy. Be smart with your investments.
• Adjust your strategy as the market changes.

*Big Deal and Small Deal Cards

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