Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cashflow 101 Game Rules

Cashflow is played in TWO parts.

Part I - The Rat Race
The “Rat Race” is the inner circle on the game board. (The Rat Race is where most of us are
trapped day-in and day-out.)
Your goal is to get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track.
To get out of the Rat Race you must buy investments which give you cash flow (or passive income) so that your Passive Income is greater than your Total Expenses.

Part II - Fast Track
The “Fast Track” is the outer track of the game board. (The Fast Track is where the Rich play the game of money.)

Once you’ve moved from the Rat Race to the Fast Track your goals are to:
The Dreams are the pink spaces on the Fast Track


You win CASHFLOW® if:
1) You are the first Player to buy your Dream.
If a Player buys their Dream on the Fast Track then that Player is the winner and the game is over.
2) You are the first Player on the Fast Track to accumulate $50,000 in Fast Track Cash Flow by
buying Fast Track businesses (green squares).

How To Set Up The Game

1) Elect one Player to act as Banker. The Banker should be someone good with numbers and able to handle cash transactions quickly. If the Banker is also playing the game then they must keep
their own game money separate from the money of the Bank.

The Banker pays & receives all monies to and from players.

2) Shuffle the Opportunity, The Market and Doodads cards. Place them face down on the game
board on their marked places.

3) Distribute one Income Statement/Balance Sheet to each Player. This is your “Game Card”.
Take a moment to review the Game Card. Get familiar with the form and the words.

Use the Income Statement/Balance Sheet side of your Game Card for the Rat Race portion of the game. The side of your Game Card labeled “Congratulations!” is used when you enter the Fast Track.

4) Shuffle the Profession cards and randomly deal, face down, one to each Player. Distribute
one pencil to each Player. Each Player then turns over their Profession card and enters the
information from it, exactly as it is written, onto their Game Card.
Note: Each Player starts the game with no bank loans, no bank loan payment, and no children.

5) Meet your Auditor. This is the person on your right. The Auditor’s role is to assist you in
making accurate calculations. Each time you make a change to your Game Card your Auditor
must check your work.

6) The Banker distributes cash to each Player. The amount of cash each Player receives at the
beginning of the game is:
a) The Player’s Monthly Cash Flow (income minus expenses, on your Game Card). Your
Monthly Cash Flow is also your Pay Check.
b) The Player’s Savings (listed on your Game Card). Your savings is only paid to you at the
start of the game. Erase the savings amount from your Game Card once you receive it.
Savings is not part of your Pay Check.

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