Friday, January 30, 2009

How to download Cashflow game using Torrent

Download the torrent client.

1. Open in a new browser to download the torrent client
2. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to Save or Run/Open
3. Click the Run/Open to download and install the client.
4. Just follow the installation procedure. (Usually just NEXT and/or YES button)

Once the client is installed. You need to download the torrent file.

1. Open in a new browser to go to the torrent site.
2. Click the title "Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow 101 and 202" to download the torrent file
3. It will automatically open uTorrent, then you will be given an option which files are to be downloaded. Click Okay button(Default all are checked)
4. Wait until the downloading is finish. If "Done" column says 100% downloading is already finished.
5. To find where the game is located in your pc, right click the game then select Open Containing Folder. The folder contains 3 iso files namely CashFlow101 Play Disk, CashFlow 101 Data Disk, and CashFlow 202

Burn / CD write the Cashflow iso files. (CD writer needed)

1. You need to download a software that can burn .iso file. Open in a new browser to download GBurner.
2. Install. Just follow the installation instructions.
3. Open gBurner. You can find it in Start > All Programs > gBurner > gBurner
4. Click File > Open in the menu or Click the Folder Icon. Select the .iso file from step 5 above.
5. Put the blank CD in your CD writer.
6. Click Burn.
7. Click Ok
8. Wait until the burning complete.
9. Repeat step 4 to 8 to the other 2 .iso files

You now have a CashFlow 101 and 202 CDs.


Chris said...

Thanks for the download tips.

Does it need a license key of some sort in order for the program to install successfully?

litb said...

nope. :)

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